Sample Paper: “Global Warming”

I. Introduction

Global warming generally refers to the increment in the average temperature rates on the earth’s surface and ocean levels. Since the late nineteenth century, the average temperature on the earth’s atmosphere and the ocean level has increased slowly and drastically. In relation to the main studies undertaken, the greenhouse gases attribute the increase concentration in the atmosphere temperature. Greenhouse gases do not just occur naturally in the earth’s atmosphere rather, the human activities promote the increase of the gases in earths surrounding. Some of the chief events that contribute to increase in global warming encompass of the deforestation and burning of the fossil fuel in the open environment.

II. Literature review/ Background

In accordance to the authors Haugen, David, Susan and Kacy the current research undertaken by the scientists, it is evident that the earth’s mean temperature on the surface has increased by 1.4 °F, which is approximately 0.8 °C. The changes in the atmosphere temperatures are associated with almost two-thirds of increment in the temperature in the 20th century from the 1980. Gore justifies that the statistics obtained from the scientific research reveals that the global warming impact is projected to continue since the way of living has also changed. Some of the climatic projections summarized in the year 2007 in the annual Fourth Assessment report indicated that earth’s atmosphere in the twenty first century is likely to rise 2 to 5.2 °F which is equivalent to 1.1 to 2.9 °C. The experiment conducted indicated that in the new centuries to come, humans would most likely cut down tries hence increasing the levels of the green houses gases in the air. The level of the burning of the fossil fuels will also increase especially if the human population does not find an alternative source of energy that emits less greenhouse gases.

III. Rationale
In the formulation of the hypothesis, several questions will assist in discovering the most essential effects of the global warming and the end results of the global warming on the earth’s surface. Several questions will also assist in the discovering of the new statistical data conducted concerning global warming. Some of the questions vital in enabling the retrieval of information encompass of:
i. What are the causes of the current increase in global warming?
ii. What measures has the human population undertaken to overcome global warming?
iii. What research information is currently available to help in understanding the consequences of global warming?

IV. Methods and design/ Research methodology
In the research concerning global warming, diverse methods are essential in the collection of relevant information that increases the awareness of the drastic increment in the temperatures. Creswell, John and John denote that some of the most suitable data collections methods that will increase the collection of the information encompass of the interviews with scientists concerning the topic, observation of the changes in the temperatures and use of questionnaires. However, the key focus of specialized groups targeted for the retrieval of information encompass of weather experts and geologists. Martin, William and Krista suggest that after the collection of the information, the data received will be represented in pie charts, tables and graphs for ease in interpretation.

V. Conclusion and Recommendations
Global warming encompass of the increase in the atmospheric temperatures on the earth’s surface hence threatening the human life. In accordance to several scientific research conducted, it is evident that the current temperatures on the earth’s surface have increased since the 1980s. The approximation of the increase in the earth’s temperature is almost 0.8 °C and the trend is to continue in the near future. It is recommended that human’s needs to reduce the drastic increases in human population to ensure that less resource be exploited on the earth’s surface. To curb the increase of global warming, it is essential that more trees be planted to increase the supply of oxygen all over the world. Other alternative methods of fuels apart from burning fossil fuels need to be exploited to reduce global warming.


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  1. ” Greenhouse gases do not just occur naturally in the earth’s atmosphere rather, the human activities promote the increase of the gases in earths surrounding. ”

    Gina, how old are you? “Greenhouse” gases are naturally occurring and have been around for billions of years.

    There is nothing unusual or unprecedented about our current climate or how we got here. There has never been a single peer reviewed paper that refutes natural variability as the cause of recent, or any global climate changes. Period.

    In fact, in spite of ever increasing CO2 levels, the planet has refused to warm for 17 years now.

    Feed starving children if you want to help someone.

  2. Whoa now! Not Gina (my bad), and not Julia?

    So I suppose my comment should have been directed at Alexander. I followed this comment here….

    julia 06-10-2013 09:26
    Hello, i want to say that i appreciate that news, articles warn people of global warming. Every day we don’t feel it but if compare every year everyone would agree that temperature rises.I’ve recently published an article about Global Warming and descrided what can prevent and help nature and people to not reach the disaster:

    Regardless of author, the above article is fill of holes and misinformation.

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