Sample Essay: “Gothic Literature”

In Dracula, mental illness is highlighted through Renfield. He is in an asylum. He eats living creatures such as flies. He believes that this is his source of energy and strength.
This heightens the elements of gothic literature in the story.In Dracula, the author has used the elements of gothic literature severally. For instance, when Harker travels to Dracula, the people from the area warn him against the destination he is headed to. They even giving him charm to help him overcome the wrath of evilness in his destination. He proceeds with the journey, but once in the castle, he realizes he is a prisoner. This part of the story clearly shows the elements of gothic literature. The residents of the area instilled terror in Harker. Once in the castle, Harker is horrified upon realizing he has been imprisoned. As Harker tries to dig deeper to understand the situation in the castle, he notes that the presence of supernatural powers. This also illustrates the gothic elements identified in the story.
There is an instance when vampires, in the form of three beautiful women intend to attack him. He is protected by the count. This is another indication of gothic literature. Harker is horrified while he is in the castle. At one point, he wanted to run away by climbing the walls but he did not manage. This shows that he was terrified by the horrific scenes he went through while at the castle.
In Valia, just like in Dracula, madness is highlighted by the narrator. He compares the levels of madness to a child or a poor person who hears noises.
Evilness is also highlighted when Harfager tells the narrator that he represents the devil’s malice. This devilish malice is an inheritance from his mother and aunt. This represents elements of gothic literature.

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