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Jinpro Communications: CEO’s End of Year Speech to Staff on 20th December, 2012
Ladies and gentlemen,
I take this auspicious opportunity to express thanks to you all for making it to this meeting. As you all know, the year is coming to a close and traditionally in Jinpro Communications we have arrangements that provide our staff, of course excluding the security department, to enjoy a two week leave in order to give the employees space to refresh before embarking on yet another year of professional service. This year is not an exception, and today we will officially commence the holiday before reconvening on 5th of January, 2013. At such a moment, it is important that we as a working family look back on the achievements and failures of the year that is coming to a close. From our achievements, we can derive a reason to celebrate, while from our failures, we can derive a lesion to learn.
Exactly one month ago, Jinpro Communications released its annual report that marked the end of that financial year. Our growth rate is still notable at 5.1%, but this represents a diminishing rate of growth considering that we had projected a 5.6% growth rate. The profits too grew by 2%, against the projected 2.2%. Each of us is aware of the various details in the report. The figures are an indication of sincere efforts by our staff, considering that our competitors are increasing every now and then. Our main competitor is still performing below our level, and this too can not be taken for granted.
It is important, however, to deal with this diminishing rate of growth in its early stages. I highly commend the various members of staff who have consistently made invaluable suggestions on how to tackle this problem. It is in the same spirit that I challenge each of us to research and reflect on various options that we have as a lasting solution.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Among the specific challenges that face our company today there is declining competitive advantage, possibly resulting from new entrants into the communication industry (Montgomery and Porter, 1991). While our products are still superior in terms of efficiency and technology, there is a section of the market that we have not previously considered with the required intensity. This market is the one comprising low and middle income earners who prefer cheaper products that our new competitors are offering. It is important that we address the needs of this market before their loyalty is permanently won by our competitors. This calls for creativity from each of us, and every suggestion will be highly valued, and I personally will present the strongest few to the board of directors and push for action. These are some of the issues that I would request you to reflect upon as well as research into through the holiday.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
These challenges are within our capacity to solve. Ultimately, it is our goal to make Jinpro Communications a better place than we found it. I would not forget the close ties that we have maintained through the year, and as a family, we have been united for a common course. I am sure that this unity, together with your professional excellence as a group, is the main ingredients for the success we enjoy today. The year is over, and as each of us makes New Year resolutions, put each other in mind. Enjoy a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
Thank you and God bless you all.

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