“Marketing and Hospitality” – Our Sample Paper

It is important to be hospitable to people. This is because people feel good when appreciated and it also has a long lasting effect on them. Interestingly, marketing is a different aspect all together. This is because marketing calls one to sell a brand of goods or services. The marketer needs to be convincing in order to sell the product or services. This is challenging because the marketer has to locate the right market as well as the respective consumers for the goods or services to be sold. Tourism needs to be marketed. This is because every nation needs to attract many tourists to their attraction sites as a way of generating income.

These aspects of marketing and hospitality are important in the personal lives of individuals. Like the tourism industry, people need to be hospital to one another. This is because the first impression always lasts. Therefore, there is need to respect other people and treat them with dignity. Tourists are mostly attracted to places where they are appreciated. As a result, a hospitable person attracts many people. This is because human beings have tendencies of being near people that are respectful and hospitable.
On the other hand, marketing is also an aspect that affects the lives of people. Arguably, people market themselves on daily basis. This could be through selling of individual skills when seeking for an employment opportunity. As a result, it is important to note that people tend to market themselves through individual action as well as personal presentation of talents. However, character is the best way to market self. This is similar to how hospitality markets the tourism sector.

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