Sample Paper: “How Does Society Affect the Family”

The field of marriage, as well as family therapy or counseling, has, in the last decade, exploded into a critical aspect of modern society. Counselors and therapists at different levels are required to work effectively with both couples and families undergoing a wide array of problems and issues. Different family therapists such as strategic, often appear to be operating in the same manner. Continue reading

“The Interpersonal Relationship among a Boyfriend and a Girlfriend” – Our Sample Paper

A look onto the interpersonal relationship among a boyfriend and girlfriend is an intriguing affair that has been proven over time to involve a couple of factors that determine the route such a relationship takes. Most often the communication between the two has been said to involve many aspects of verbal communication.
Verbal communication actions in relationships have been argued as being naturally driven by the emotional attachments, which exist among the persons in a romantic relationship. Arguably, some researches have indicated that verbal communications could be considered as being deemed by most couples to be a representative of the most understandable form of communication, as compared to use of nonverbal messages. This is in consideration that most partners in a romantic relationship would highly respond to what is spoken out loudly to their partners in a positive or negative manner, and the response would be instantaneous. Continue reading

Sample Essay: “Comparing Two Articles”

Marcus, a freshman college student took expository writing course in spring 2013. After reading two essays, “Always Living in Spanish” by Marjorie Agosin and “Listening” by Eudora Welty, he discovered that both essays were rich in ideas, tones, and use of metaphors, rich descriptive sentences, cause, and effect among other stylistic devices. More so, Marcus determined that the essays had numerous similarities. However, Brian has to determine which of the two essays is better. Continue reading

“Educational Aspirations” – Our Sample Paper

Stephanie Berzams article “Educational Aspirations among Low-Income Youths: Examining Multiple Conceptual Models” discusses the lower aspirations attainment margin exhibited by children from lower income area. While 78 percent of youths in the lower quartile of the experiment expected to attend college, the percentage was much lower than 86 and 95 percent represented in higher quartiles. Youth in poverty have the socioeconomic barriers of negative peer norms, unconventional family units, culturally isolated neighborhoods, and low performing schools in sustaining healthy educational aspirations. Continue reading

Paper Example: “Internet Communication”


Monitoring Employee Skype Communication to Protect IP

The evolution of digital communication that allows instant messaging and face to face communications to solve business related tasks. However, numerous employees have embraced the technology of internet for personal gains. The emergence of Skype is complicating time spent on product work. Most employees do not understand that using a Skype account for instance brands the Skype with the company’s name and this ideally is highly potent of becoming a PR nightmare. In this case, a communication on Skype can be tapped and if harmful it is impossible to know given it is branded how enemies can capitalize on the company’s IP address branding for their own malicious use. Continue reading

“Abacus Company System” – An Example Paper

Abacus Business Systems SWOT


The company has a strong human resources base, and harnesses it to accentuate its competitive advantage. It also applies strategic human resource practices to bolster it performance. It is keen in the recruitment and selection processes to ensure that it attracts the most qualified candidates. This strategy is in line with the fact that the Aloha POS system, which it deals in, has to undergo periodic upgrades every 5-7 years, and it has to provide exemplary customer service to retain its loyal clients. It also applies diverse rewards schemes and compensation programs to motivate and retain the best employees. The company moreover ensures that there is synchrony between workers and the need. As an example, it has presently attached the bulk of its workers in the Southern Florida area to cater to its consumers needs, because most are presently in the process of upgrading and improving their POS systems (Radiant Systems). Continue reading